Annual Report to the Community 2022


A community gathering space, destination park and botanical gardens featuring plants that grow in our particular climate.


To contribute to a welcoming outdoor space through unique gardens and forests that inspire, educate, and provide enjoyment for all within a multi-use environment

2022 has been a very productive and engaging year for the Botanical Gardens. Our increased use of the gardens has continued, even with the end of COVID restrictions. The park is enjoyed daily by hundreds of people, particularly on the warm and pleasant days which have been plentiful this year. The Gardens attracts people who love gardening, artists, dog owners and people who just like a walk in the park with a beautiful setting.

Couple sitting on the bench Little girl walking Painting in the garden Labyrinth park dog sitting

Our volunteers have continued to step up and make things happen in the gardens. This year our volunteer hours will be close to the record 9000 volunteer hours that we had last year. Our volunteers are very energetic and committed to the garden. This year they added many activities to the garden. We are so thankful for the energy and commitment of these individuals, some 60 strong.

2022 was the Year of the Garden in Canada. The Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs took it to heart and planned for 8 separate events throughout the year. Because we have live gardens to demonstrate the breadth of plant life that thrives in Calgary, we were able to partner with several organizations to provide an educational or demonstration sessions on a variety of plant types. These included: Crevice, Alpine and Native plants in partnership with the Calgary Rock and Alpine Garden Society; Peonies with the Alberta Peony Society; and two sessions on roses, Spring Blooming roses and Canadian Bred roses with the Calgary Rose Society. In the fall we partnered with Urban Forestry of the City of Calgary to present a session on trees that grow well here. Blue Grass Nurseries partnered with us on a session on Winter interest in the garden. These gave visitors an opportunity to have fun, learn and ask questions about gardening in Calgary.

Girls in the park Volunteers in the park Old guys working

We now have 20 different gardens to enjoy. This year we added the entrance garden located at the main entrance to the park. As well, we formally opened the Heart Garden which is a focus for the Heartbeats Society to support the needs for the families impacted by congenital heart disease for a place of peace. (We were fortunate to have over 150 people at the opening and the Mayor of Calgary, Jyoti Gondek participated). We also opened the Prairie Celebration Rose Garden which contains many of the roses developed for the Canadian prairies from the 1920’s through the 2010’s. We have taken opportunities to run educational support classes for a variety of local schools and societies.

Girl at the stand Sign People walking through the garden

Because of the beauty of the gardens many other activities occur here for multiple groups. 2022 saw the first live music concert done by a local group, Jazzniks. We also have multiple arts groups using the park for their outdoor live sketch session. We continue with Yoga in the park in partnership with the local YWCA. We repeated our highly successful winter fun craft where our registrants took home rustic crafter deer heads for Christmas Décor. Of special note, Silver Springs Community won the Battle of the Burbs. Our garden was a significant factor in the win. During the celebration, our garden was visited by the CBC and our local Counsellor. On other occasions Sonya Sharpe, the local counsellor and Jason Copping, our MLA have visited the garden to appreciate the strong commitment to Community that exists here. This December we will again decorate for Christmas and a wonderland walk in the park.

People Two people talking Jazzniks People walking in the park Winter craft, little girl Wooden creation

Thank you for your ongoing support. We will continue to plan gardens and activities of interest to the community.

About us

The Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs, Calgary, Alberta is indeed a ‘hidden gem’ – a one-of-a kind very unique garden!

It is open to the public year round from dawn to dusk and is situated within a Birthplace Forest covering several acres of land. Within this area there are over eighteen individual gardens each displaying unique features and all identified with a hand-painted garden sign. These garden areas are all accessible by connecting walking paths of mulch leading throughout the entire area. Along these pathways leading to the various gardens are beautiful flowering shrubs, fruit trees and also a large variety of other featured shrubs and trees.

Main Garden Areas

Oval Garden, Sunflower Garden, Border Garden, Half Moon Garden, Wall Garden, Swan Garden, Eagle Garden, Owl Garden, Lo H20, Alpine Crevice and Native Plant Gardens, Old Post Garden, Shade Garden, Peony Garden, Heart Garden and Prairie Rose Celebration Garden.

Featured Specialty Gardens and Areas

Shakespeare and Herb Garden, Crevice Rock and Alpine Garden, the Labyrinth, Rose Bowl, Fruit Grove Garden and the Oak Grove Picnic area.

This garden project began over ten years ago now and is designed, developed, maintained and managed entirely by a volunteer group. As a not-for-profit Charitable Society, the Gardens have been developed from the onset with the continued support from the City of Calgary Parks Department and the Silver Springs Community Association. It is through donations from individuals, corporations, and provincial grants that it continues to thrive and has become a focal point of our Community and indeed within the City of Calgary and beyond.

Walking Tour brochures and donation boxes are conveniently located at both the Labyrinth and the Shakespeare Garden areas.


To create a welcoming park and beautiful gardens that are open for all to enjoy and learn through:

Emphasis on species that will succeed - Local, variety and specialized gardens
Creating and inspiring a natural learning environment; sharing what we know
Supporting activities that support the vision.
Inclusiveness – Accessibility for all ages and disabilities
Engagement, partnerships and volunteerism


A destination park and botanical gardens featuring plants that grow in Calgary's unique climate.​
Garden LowH20

Low H2O Garden 2019


Since the Gardens and BirthPlace Forest areas are located in a City of Calgary park, they are open to the general public just like all other city parks. There is no admission fee but we do appreciate your support through donations and letters of appreciation. We do not take bookings for special events. If you would like to make a booking, you can do so through the City Parks Department.




For anyone who has spent time in the gardens, it is hard to believe that they have only been here since 2006 when a humble ornamental garden (400 square feet) was developed within the existing BirthPlace Forest (BPF) tree beds.

The BPF, by the way, saw 7000 trees planted in the area. The project was accomplished through a partnership of BP Energy, Calgary Parks, Regional Health and Golden Acres.

In the following year, 2007, the Oval Garden was developed with the participation of Calgary Parks. This ornamental garden is about 3200 square feet. At the same time, the Wall Garden got its humble start when William Morf, a resident whose property backed onto the noise barrier got the idea to develop about a hundred feet of garden along the wall.

Wall Blue Flowers

This “little” idea eventually blossomed into the current 1300 foot long spectacular Wall Garden.

Since then, a registered charitable society has been formed, whose directors not only oversee the development of many new gardens and expanded beds but continue to do much of the work – joined of course by the tireless and dedicated volunteers.

It should be noted that the total number of accumulated volunteer hours that have gone into the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs is verging on being astronomical.

And the work continues.

Core Garden

And you thought Roses were difficult to grow in Calgary.

The Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs: Rose gardens are being highlighted in the gardens this year. We have collected many rose varieties over the years and are now over 130 different cultivars. The Garden was started in 2003 and the first rose garden began in 2009 with preparation of the first half of the Rose Bowl. Twenty-five cultivars were in place by the end of 2010. The second half of the rose garden was prepared in 2012. As well several Heritage Roses were planted at this time in what is now the LoH2O garden. By 2017, the collection of roses within the Botanical gardens had risen to over 80.

The goal of the Botanical Gardens Rose Group is to ‘Collect and preserve hardy and Canadian Heritage Roses’ and to Demonstrate the breadth of roses that can be grown in Calgary without winter protection’ The botanical gardens has partnered with the Calgary Rose Society, Canadian Heritage Rose Experts and other rose and botanical groups to further these aims.

For several years now we have been identifying, mapping, and locating the many roses within the garden. In 2018 there were 220 plant representing 90 different cultivars. At present we have 130 cultivars and hundreds of plants spread throughout the gardens. Roses that are hardy in Southern Alberta are bred for zone 2 or 3. We currently have cultivars of the following hardy series: Explorer (24),Parkland (14), Prairie (10), Pavement (5), 49th Parallel (2) and Canadian Artist(5). Many of these varieties were developed by Agriculture Canada. We also have several Bugnet roses (4) which are notable for being bred in Alberta. Most of our Old Roses and Canadian Heritage Roses have been donated to us and cannot be readily obtained commercially. We currently have more than 20 different cultivars. The intent of these donations is to increase the geographic distribution and secure locations for these rare species. It also involves a commitment to maintain these collections. All Old Roses were developed prior to 1867.

Roses can be found throughout the garden but there are concentrations of roses in the Rose Bowl, LoH2O garden, Shakespeare garden, Oval garden, and the new forest edge. All the collection is maintained in our database, but it is not yet public. We are also currently developing methods to maintain specific roses to protect the genetics and to trade with other rose growers for specific roses to add to our collections. The richness of the rose collection that is hardy in Northwest Calgary is extensive. We are especially thankful for our volunteers for their hard work in developing the database and maintaining the rose collection. On any day, especially in the morning you will see our volunteers in the gardens. Stop and chat and ask questions (maintaining appropriate distancing of course). We love to talk about our gardens and the work that we do. Our garden is free to the public. We accept donations. We currently have an opportunity for you to support our garden through an engraved brick program. These bricks will be put in the entrance of the garden this year. See our website (donations) or pick one up at the kiosk. The Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs is located in the community of Silver Springs within the Birthplace Forest in the North East corner of Silver Springs. The main entrance is beside the ball diamond and a second entrance is near the LDS church. The garden extends over 1.5 kilometers and has mulch paths with small areas of bricked paths. A kiosk at the main entrance or the north entrance provides maps of the garden and photos of the flowers in bloom when you visit.


Several short years ago, if you walked down the areas where the current Botanical Gardens are now flourishing, you could not help but see that for the most part, there was nothing but stretches of grassland overrun with weeds, rocks, dandelions and dirt. Not the greatest environment for flower gardens.

Volunteers hard at work

Well they are, thanks to the tireless efforts of a core group of 30 volunteers who spend three mornings a week from May to October doing what needs to be done to keep the gardens healthy and beautiful. Some exceptionally dedicated volunteers work far more than three mornings a week.

Ladies in the garden

Volunteers are always needed and welcome - and you do not have to have a green thumb or special skills. All that is required is the willingness to be part of a project dedicated to making our world a little greener and more beautiful.


Last year, 62 people contributed $15,420 to help us maintain and develop the Gardens and the BP Forest trails.
The total distance from the Half Moon Garden to the south end of the Forest is 1.4 km.
Total area of the Gardens and the Birthplace Forest Park is 20 acres or 871 200 square feet. Total area of cultivated gardens is 39,735 square feet.
At the north end, by the Half Moon Garden, the elevation is 3,811 feet or a difference of 117 feet.
Ever wonder what happens to all the plant materials such as weeds, pruned plants and bushes, and autumn leaves?
We use it to produce 2.5 tons of compost which is eventually spread on the various beds to keep them healthy and fertile. Five tons of compost (donated by Bluegrass Nurseries) are also spread on the beds.
Over 200 truck loads of mulch have been used on the trails since the Gardens project first started. We now spread about 10 truckloads (20 000 pounds) a year to maintain the many trails.
Calgary is unique in that it has the only Shakespeare Garden in Western Canada. To complete the new pathway, 4023 bricks were used.
Since 2007, between 30 and 40 volunteers have put in approximately 30 000 hours developing and maintaining the various areas! Last year, 33 people put in close to 6000 hours to maintain and develop the Gardens and forest areas.
Over the past 3 years, approximately 12,000 doggie bags have been donated by a local S.S. resident. They are available at the south forest entrance close. A sincere thank you to all who use the bags and pick up after their dogs.
Did you know that we have the largest outdoor Labyrinth not only in Calgary but in all of Canada! One of the most spectacular sights in the Gardens and BirthPlace Forest area is the Labyrinth in spring when the wild thyme is in bloom. This is something you do not want to miss. To establish the wild thyme in the Labyrinth, 700 plugs were planted. To complete the Labyrinth, volunteers laid 8000 donated bricks and another 1000 that were purchased.
The oldest person to ever visit the Gardens is 103 year old Hugh from from the Garrison Green Lodge for Seniors. Hugh was accompanied by his 101 year old wife Kay.


Plant Sources



Local Gardens

Gardens of the world


How do I book an event, like a wedding, in the gardens ?
Since the Gardens and BirthPlace Forest areas are located in a City of Calgary park, they are open to the general public for informal use, just like all other city parks. We do not take bookings for special events or exclusive use. If you would like to make a booking, you can do so through the City Parks Department.
How do I get to your gardens / where do I park ?
Information about garden access is located here:
What are your hours of operation ?
We are a public park within Calgary and are open 24/7. Volunteers are normally around during the day throughout the week, but we do not have a set schedule.
How can I become a volunteer ?
To become a volunteer you can contact us at or via Contact Us page located on the top main menu.
How can I donate ?
Donations can be made in person, by mail, or online via PayPal. This information is all available on the Donations page. All donations will be given a charitable tax receipt. Interested in in long term support or non-monetary donations ? You can visit the Sponsorship page.
Q & A
For all information on plants in the garden you will soon be able to see everything in the Garden Directory page of the website.


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Transit Access

Public Transit:
From Crowfoot LRT station: Bus 120
From Dalhousie LRT station: Bus 120 or Bus 134

Bus 120
- (North end of park) Get off on Silver Springs DR NW @ Silver Springs CR NW
- (South end of park) Get off on Silver Springs DR NW @ Silver Brook DR NW

Bus 134
- Get off on Silver Ridge DR NW @ Silver Springs BV NW

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